LK Events and Design Rocked the House!

LK Events and Design did an amazing job tonight!


Lindsay Averette of LK Events and Design helped me keep over 200 people happy and dancing the night away last night at Dover Hall, Goochland’s own “cozy little” castle.  As a DJ, it’s so important to have that vital link at a large event – especially one that lasts close to seven hours!

Between Mosaic’s fantastic food, their bartenders pumping out kegs of Goochland’s own Lickinghole Creek  brews,  and Lindsay’s FANTASTIC organizational skills, my job was easy compared to theirs.

My bride and groom – Stephanie and Chris – were two of the coolest people in the world to work for, and the fact that the room was full of firefighters, teachers, cops, EMS personnel, and various other assorted party people, this was just a Dance Party waiting to happen.

Props to everyone that helped make this massive event a success,  but extra special thanks to Nathan the bartender and my NACE cohort, Lindsay,  I’m sure Dover Hall ain’t seen no party like that in a looong time!